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Welcome to Dr. Satsangi's Wellness Clinic where you share ourendless pursuit of fundamental knowledge about the nature and behavior of bio-community and the application of that knowledge to promote healthy life and reduce the burdens of illness and human suffering.
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Medical Updates Weight Loss

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study evaluated the potential benefits of homeopathic thyroid hormone (30c) in weight loss. A total of 208 people were enrolled in the...[more]

Medical Updates Supplementing on creatine keeps body energy efficiency at best, promoting healthy pulmonary functions

Creatine has long been used effectively for body building trainers, professional athletes and Olympic competitors to naturally help their training and optimizing...[more]

Medical Updates Roughage and adequate fiber intake scores high in maintaining disease free life

A healthy intake of fiber has been linked to weight loss, healthy heart function, digestion and might even reduce the risk of some forms of cancer and diabetes. Yet, most...[more]

Medical Updates Evidences of Memory enhancement and healthy homocysteine levels

Your potential danger from high homocysteine levels and the subsequent threat of heart disease and stroke has been well publicized. However, the correlation between...[more]

Medical Updates Natural mood elevators

The economic toll of depression, dementia and stress-related disorders totals over billions of currency per year. Part of that money is being spent on heavily-advertised, expensive drugs...[more]

Medical Updates Overcoming insulin resistance and hypoglycemia

Phaseolus vulgaris(kidney beans) in one study revealed its hypoglycemic potentials and active role in overcoming insulin resistance,In addition to lowering cholesterol, kidney...[more]

Medical Updates How to make pea nuts best source of anti-oxidants

If you like them roasted - dry or with oil - this may not appeal to you, but Alabama researchers say that if you really want to get the most out of peanuts, you should boil...[more]

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